Drop Shipment and Logistics

Drop Shipment & Logistics

Cost-Effective and Swift

When it comes to fast shipping across the continental United States, it’s true what they say: the Midwest is best. Mid America Display’s convenient Midwest location in St. Louis means that nearly every shipment within the US will be delivered in just one or two days.

For our drop shipment clients, we deliver cost-effective shipping and swift fulfillment of end-user orders. Instead of shipping an entire order to a client for them to distribute to their customers, we use LTL shipping or drop shipping to send products directly to the end user on demand, either immediately following production, at scheduled intervals using online ordering systems or through other ordering methods.

Our dedicated shipping and receiving department ensures we adhere to our customers’ specific requirements, precisely managing the shipping and distribution process. We offer a complete range of shipping options, from full truckloads to single-package drop shipping. Depending upon our customers’ preferences, we are pleased to utilize UPS, FedEx, DHL and other trusted national and international courier delivery services. This also enables us to extend these couriers’ online shipment tracking services to our customers for their peace of mind.